Our Story

The year was 2008. Katy Perry kissed a girl, Bitcoin was just a concept, and headlines were full of financial jargon and bad news. But as we brunched with our friends, laughing over mimosas and kicking around new ideas, none of that stuff seemed to matter. We felt up for anything the day threw our way.

Then it hit us like a jolt of coffee: Why shouldn’t every day start this bright for everyone? So we launched Over Easy to give more people the kind of morning that makes their day. The kind where the only thing stopping the flow of conversation is tantalizing food cheffed up by founder Aaron May. Where the chairs are comfy, there’s time for a second drink, and breakfast runs into lunch. And we couldn’t be happier that neighbors and critics liked the idea too. So whether you’re an early riser or group lunch coordinator, we’ve got the goods that’ll make you feel good all day long.

Chef Aaron May



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