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Pancake Tuesday

Today is Shrove Tuesday – also known as Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday and … Pancake Tuesday? As the day before Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent, pancakes were often made on this day as a way to use up rich foods like eggs, milk and sugar. At Over Easy, we’ve got seven different types of pancakes, from the luscious

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Mouth-Watering French Toast

The List TV stopped by Over Easy for some tips on upping your French Toast game.


Sandwiches for Breakfast

November 3 is National Sandwich Day honoring one of the most popular lunch items in America. But who says sandwiches should be limited to the mid-day meal? At Over Easy, we have two egg-topped sandwiches that satisfy any time of day. As sandwich legend goes – the Lord of Sandwich was a notorious gambler who didn’t want to take a break

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The List TV – 3 Egg Free Dishes

The List TV stopped by Over Easy for National Breakfast Month for tips on three dishes that are as great with or without the egg.