July 2019


Restaurant of the Week: Over Easy

On our recent visit to Flagstaff, we had the opportunity to check out Over Easy, a breakfast restaurant that has been featured on the Food Network and has been recognized as one one of America’s best breakfast and brunch restaurants by Travel + Leisure.

While Over Easy is a franchise concept, restaurant group Plated Projects owns the Over Easy location in Flagstaff, as well as 3 locations in the Valley. Plated Projects has a variety of other concepts and was founded by childhood friends, Ryan and Jared Field, Brian Terpay, and Tim Pacatte, who are natives to Arizona.

Over Easy is bright and welcoming – that’s how we would describe both the decor and the staff. The staff we met at the Flagstaff location were bubbly, friendly and attentive.

While the decor and service stands out, the real star is the food itself. Over Easy serves all of your basic favorites, in addition to some elevated, more decadent classics.


Several Over Easy dishes have been featured on TV, so there is a whole section of the menu calling out those super stars. This list includes the Waffle Dogs, Chicken & Waffles, Ham Steak, Chicken Fried Steak and Nut Banana French Toast.

Some other menu items we think are worthy of noting is the selection of Avocado Toast, Chilaquiles, Green Chile Pork & Grits and the Cheddar Jalapeño Biscuits with Country Gravy.


If you’re looking for something healthy, they have a Fit Chicken dish and a Protein Bowl. They also serve omelets, burgers and sandwiches.


Every location is opens until 2pm daily.

For the complete menu and list of locations, visit eatatovereasy.com.


Breakfast is the Most Important Meal of the Day

We have all heard the old saying. Many just think it was a wives’ tale to get children into healthy eating habits. However, it truly is a very vital part of the human body’s function. Breakfast – literally meaning breaking the fast. The body does a lot of work overnight. Obviously, we are not eating while we are asleep (with a few exceptions!), but our bodies are doing most of the breaking down and digesting of the food we have eaten throughout the day. Eating in the morning provides the body with the refueling it needs throughout the day, including the brain. There have been many scientific studies that have proven the brain functions at a much higher rate if breakfast is eaten as opposed to skipped. Eating within two hours of waking restores vital glucose and carbohydrate levels needed for healthy brain function. This helps with improving memory and concentration levels which goes a long way in helping young students perform better in school, and their adult counterparts at their jobs! Besides the brain, eating in the morning is important for the rest of the body’s performance as well. Eating provides the nutrients your body needs, but is also very important for your body’s metabolism to operate at its highest level. This means, eating breakfast can actually help facilitate weight loss! So remember, breakfast is THE MOST IMPORTANT MEAL OF THE DAY! So why not #eatatovereasy and get your day started off right with an avocado toast, Wolf Pack or Loko Moko?