February 2019


3 Ways to Celebrate Hot Breakfast Month

February is National Hot Breakfast Month and a chance to take time for this most important meal of the day.  These days a hot breakfast is much more than bacon and hash browns. Here are three of our favorite updated takes on the morning meal sure to suit any diet.

Protein Bowl: Superfood quinoa and two sunny eggs are the one-two punch in this bowl that will keep you filled all morning. They’re topped with sausage, peppers, tomatoes and wild arugula.

Green Chili and Grits: Slow-cooked pork, green chili sauce and a sunny egg top a beautiful serving of black pepper parmesan grits.

Loko Moko: In this Hawaiian favorite, steamed white rice is covered in mushroom gravy, crispy onions and a ground beef patty. It’s topped with a sunny egg.