October 2018


Sandwiches for Breakfast

November 3 is National Sandwich Day honoring one of the most popular lunch items in America. But who says sandwiches should be limited to the mid-day meal? At Over Easy, we have two egg-topped sandwiches that satisfy any time of day.

As sandwich legend goes – the Lord of Sandwich was a notorious gambler who didn’t want to take a break to eat a meal. He asked that his meat be served between two pieces of bread. His fellow gamblers quickly took to ordering “the same as Sandwich.”

Our Breakfast Sandwich is as true to a sandwich’s purpose as any. The fried egg, thick bacon, sliced tomato and cheese is served between two halves of a toasted English muffin. It’s the perfect breakfast-on-the-go.

Our Cubano with Sunny Egg Sandwich puts slow cooked pork shoulder, ham, a pickle and Swiss cheese between a bun spread with mustard and spicy mayo. It’s also topped with a sunny egg for a perfect savory breakfast twist.

Why wait until noon to celebrate National Sandwich Day? These and our other sandwiches offerings are available all day.